New on Shout! Factory TV for November 2015

The Supermarionation stars of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's 'Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons'

Shout! Factory TV has just released its new programming additions for the month of November. Among the new offers this month are the complete runs of six Supermarionation shows by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, including their most famous series Thunderbirds and their grim invasion thriller Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons, Alfred Hitchcock’s Foreign Correspondent (1940) with Joel McCrea and Laraine Day, and Anthony Mann’s low-budget film noir classic T-Men (1947) with Dennis O’Keefe as a Treasury Agent undercover in the mob.

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Six Complete Gerry Anderson Series:
Thunderbirds (32 episodes)
Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons (32 episodes)
Fireball XL5 (39 episodes)
Stingray (39 episodes)
Supercar (39 episodes)
Joe 90 (30 episodes)

Movies for Noir-vember:
Foreign Correspondent (1940)
T-Men (1947)
You Only Live Once (1937)
I, Mobster (1958)

The Dick Cavett Show: Authors (seven complete episodes):
The Dick Cavett Show Authors: Truman Capote (1978)
The Dick Cavett Show Authors: Michael Crichton (1992)
The Dick Cavett Show Authors: Allen Ginsburg (1978)
The Dick Cavett Show Authors: John Updike (1981)
The Dick Cavett Show Authors: Kurt Vonnegut (1989)
The Dick Cavett Show Authors: Eudora Welty (1979)

Mystery Science Theater 3000:
MST3K: Space Mutiny
MST3K: The Black Scorpion

Shout! Factory TV’s Backlot:
Backlot – MST3K Turkey Day!
Backlot – Garry Shandling: USC Lecture
Backlot – James Brown: Al Sharpton Interview
Backlot – Rocko’s Modern Life: Live Table Read
Backlot – Fridays: Actor’s Circle

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