James Woods and Brian Dennehy star in the smart little thriller written by Larry Cohen

‘Best Seller’ on Amazon Prime and Hulu

Best Seller (1987) is a modest but smartly-scripted thriller from 1987 that holds up remarkably well, thanks to a savvy original screenplay by Larry Cohen (who was better known at the time as a cagey creator of high-concept, low-budget exploitation films) and great casting. James Woods once again brings charm to the role of a pathologically […]

James Woods and his wild bunch of vampire hunters in 'John Carpenter's Vampires'

‘John Carpenter’s Vampires’ on Hulu

John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998) is not just the first and only vampire film from the great American horror director, it’s the closest he’s gotten to directing an actual western. It’s not simply the dusty, dusky New Mexico setting or the Ry Cooder-esque electric country blues score. He and screenwriter Don Jakoby transform John Steakley’s novel […]