The Italian TV crime drama

‘Romanzo Criminale: The Complete Series’ on FilmStruck

Romanzo Criminale: The Complete Series (Italy, 2008-2010) – In the late 1970s, ambitious young thug Lebano (short for The Lebanese) hatches a plan to leave the petty robberies behind and, in partnership with another gang, take over the drug trade in Rome, a city that is divided up by a number of small, unorganized gangs. […]

Nicholas Hope, Odessa Young, and Sam Neill in the Australian take on Ibsen's The Wild Duck, directed by Simon Stone

‘The Daughter’ – Ibsen in Australia on Netflix

The Daughter (2015) – Christian (Paul Schneider), the estranged son of Australian mill owner and widower Henry (Geoffrey Rush), returns home for his father’s marriage to his housekeeper (Anna Torv), a much younger woman. Christian’s mother was American and he has made a life for himself in the U.S., and he blames Henry for his […]

Peter Sellers and Claudine Longet in the Blake Edwards comedy

Peter Sellers joins ‘The Party’ on FilmStruck and Criterion Channel

The Party (1968) reunited Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers after a falling out during the second Pink Panther movie for a different kind of comedy: a modern sound version of a silent movie comedy. They don’t pretend it’s a silent film, mind you, but rather build a series of visual gags on a basic premise—Peter […]