Reese Witherspoon in Alexander Payne's satire 'Election' with Matthew Broderick

‘Election’ – Vote Tracy Flick on Amazon Prime and Hulu

Election (1999), Alexander Payne’s wicked satire of power and (social) politics set in the overheated incubator of a high school student body election, is as sharp and perceptive now as it was in 1999. Matthew Broderick is the passionately dedicated and somewhat condescending civics teacher Jim McAllister, whose extra-curricular involvement helps compensate for a passionless […]

Oscar-winning drama ‘Manchester by the Sea’ on Amazon Prime

Some emotional wounds can’t be healed. Manchester by the Sea (2016), the third film from playwright and screenwriter turned filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan, takes on that proposition in family drama, or rather a drama about what we do for family even when there are things we can’t do for ourselves. Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) lives on […]

Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy in WarGames

Tween Summer Flashbacks: ‘WarGames’ and ‘Ferris Bueller’ on Netflix

Is it mere coincidence that David Lightman, the high school hacker played by Matthew Broderick in WarGames (1983), comes from the future tech hub of Seattle, home to Microsoft and Boeing? Lightman, a kid not above hacking the school computers to change a grade or two, inadvertently hacks the nation’s super top secret military supercomputer […]