Stream On Demand is the online incarnation of the weekly newspaper column Stream On Demand, written and edited by Sean Axmaker.

The newspaper incarnation, published every Friday, is brief survey of the highlights new to video-on-demand and to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video Prime, Hulu, and other streaming services. It is selective, not comprehensive, out of necessity as well as design.

The website supplements the column with recommendations staggered through the week short reviews and commentaries, as well as select news items and other items of interest. It too is a selective survey.

There’s so much out there to sort through that it can be overwhelming. Stream On Demand doesn’t aim to be the definitive guide to what’s available, merely an informed guide to items of interest. Tastes differ and mileage may vary, but we hope these recommendations help you cut through the noise and find interesting and entertaining programs.

Stream On Demand is carried by The Seattle Times and The Spokesman Review.

All content on Stream On Demand is copyright © 2016-2021 by Sean Axmaker

Newspapers interested in carrying the weekly column can contact Sean Axmaker at editor (dot) streamondemand (at) gmail (dot) com.