Hello, my name is Sean Axmaker and I’ve been reviewing movies in some capacity for more than 40 years, and TV for almost that long.

I am the editor and currently the sole writer of Stream On Demand, a weekly newspaper column published every Friday featuring a brief survey of the highlights new to video-on-demand and to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video Prime, Hulu, and other streaming services. This website is the online companion to the weekly column, supplementing the brief survey with longer pieces, select news items, and other items of interest.

Before embarking on this project, I was a film critic for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for nine years and a longtime home video columnist for IMDb, MSN Movies, and Film.com (among others), where I covered movies and TV on home video since the days of VHS.

Currently I am a contributing writer for Turner Classic Movies Online, The Seattle Weekly, Keyframe, and Cinephiled, and the editor of Parallax View. My work has appeared in Indiewire, Today.com, The Stranger, Senses of Cinema, Asian Cult Cinema, Filmfax, Psychotronic Video, and “The Scarecrow Video Guide.”

Contact Sean Axmaker at editor (dot) streamondemand (at) gmail (dot) com.


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