What to stream: ‘Life & Beth’ and ‘Deep Water’ on Hulu, ‘WeCrashed’ on Apple TV+, ‘Master’ on Prime Video

Plus ‘Minx’ and ‘DMZ’ on HBO Max, ‘Human Resources’ and ‘Windfall’ on Netflix, ‘Bad Luck Banging’ on Hulu, and 35 Foreign Language Oscar Winners on Criterion Collection

What to stream: ‘And Just Like That…’ and ‘Landscapers’ on HBO Max, ‘The First Wave’ on Hulu, the end of ‘The Expanse’ on Prime Video

Plus ‘Welcome to Earth’ on Disney+, ‘The Unforgiveable’ and animated ‘Back to the Outback’ on Netflix, ‘Bloods’ on Hulu, ‘The Forever Prisoner’ on HBO Max, ‘Dear Heaven Hansen’ on VOD, and more Christmas programs.