Gillian Anderson in the BBC miniseries 'Bleak House,' based on the novel by Charles Dickens

‘Bleak House’ with Gillian Anderson and Carey Mulligan on Amazon Prime

Gillian Anderson is the icy and tormented Lady Dedlock in Bleak House (2005), the BBC mini-series adapted from the Charles Dickens novel. Anderson gets top billing, but her melancholy performance is just one beautiful turn in a rich ensemble. The epic tale of love, murder, scandal, and a legal fight over an inheritance that drags […]

Andrew Garfield and Sean Bean in the first chapter of the 'Red Riding Trilogy.'

‘Red Riding Trilogy’ – Hunting the Yorkshire Ripper on VOD and Blu-ray/DVD

Three directors, one screenwriter, and a sprawling cast turn a quartet of novels by David Peace into a mesmerizing trilogy of films. It’s a rich and gripping saga of brutal murders, police corruption, and victims sacrificed to power and money set against the real-life backdrop of Yorkshire and the terror of the Yorkshire Ripper. Each […]

The five-part BBC mini-series Dancing on the Edge, about the fortunes of a black jazz band in 1930s London, is now on Netflix

Jazzy British mini-series ‘Dancing on the Edge’ on Netflix

The name Stephen Poliakoff doesn’t mean much to American TV and movie fans but in Britain he’s an acclaimed playwright and writer / director of original dramas on both the big screen and small screen. The five-part mini-series Dancing on the Edge follows the fortunes of a black jazz band in 1930s London as a […]

‘Page Eight’ and ‘Turks and Caicos’ – Bill Nighy as a rebel MI-5 spy on Amazon

Bill Nighy has been one of my favorite actors in the world since I caught his cheeky turn as a geriatric rock star on a Christmas tune comeback in Love Actually and a crusty editor with a sardonic streak in the original British State of Play in 2003. He has been the best part of […]