The animated film 'The Little Prince' debuts on Netflix in the U.S.

What to stream: ‘The Little Prince’ on Netflix and other choice picks on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, VOD, and more

The Little Prince (2016), an animated feature based on the beloved novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda), is a big-budget American production from a major studio and played in theaters around the world (where it was a success) but Sony dumped it straight to Netflix in […]

Melissa McCarthy and her troop in 'The Boss'

What to stream: Melissa McCarthy is ‘The Boss,’ Ellen Page is ‘Tallulah,’ Paul Verhoeven is ‘Tricked’

Pay-Per-View / Video-On-Demand Melissa McCarthy is The Boss, a disgraced financial titan who turns a youth cookie drive into a hardball sales campaign. The R-rated comedy is available in an unrated version. Also on DVD and Blu-ray and at Redbox. Sing Street, from filmmaker John Carney (Once), tells an age-old story: boy meets girl, boy […]

Don Cheadle is Miles Davis in 'Miles Ahead'

What to stream: Miles Davis, a superhero smackdown, a Norwegian ‘Wave,’ and a Colombian ‘Serpent’

Pay-Per-View / Video-On-Demand Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the most bombastic and least self-aware superhero picture to date, pits the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck as an aging, rather bitter Batman) against the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) with Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) pulling the strings of the smackdown. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) also gets […]

Winona Ryder stars in the Netflix original series "Stranger Things."

What to watch: ‘Stranger Things’ debuts on Netflix plus more on Prime, Hulu, and Netflix

Winona Ryder stars in Stranger Things: Season 1, the Netflix original series about strange, supernatural doings in suburban America, circa 1983. It channels the kid-centered adventures of the era, like E.T. and The Goonies, but with a darker tone. “There’s a sweet kind of sadness running just underneath all that period detail, a longing for […]

Tom Hiddleston is Hank Williams in 'I Saw the Light'

What to watch: ‘The Big Short’ and ‘Penny Dreadful’ on Netflix, ‘Hannibal’ and ‘The Candidate’ on Amazon

Pay-Per-View / Video-On-Demand I Saw the Light stars Tom Hiddleston as country-western legend Hank Williams in the story of his rise to fame and spiral of self-destruction. Elizabeth Olsen and Bradley Whitford co-star. R. Also on DVD and Blu-ray and at Redbox. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt are a married couple in crisis in […]

Albert Brooks films now on Netflix

What to watch: Albert Brooks on Netflix, ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ on VOD, and scores of new titles on Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu

All seven features written and directed by Albert Brooks are now streaming on Netflix. We don’t know how long this contract lasts so you may want to start watching now. In chronological order, they are Real Life (1979, PG) with Charles Grodin, Modern Romance (1981, R) with Kathryn Harold, Lost in America (1985, R) with […]

Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez, and Craig Roberts in 'The Fundamentals of Caring'

What to watch: Netflix ‘Spotlight’ on ‘Fundamentals’ and ‘Room’ for ‘Punch Drunk Love’ on Amazon

Paul Rudd stars in the American indie drama The Fundamentals of Caring (2016), playing a rookie caregiver who bonds with his 18-year-old charge (Craig Roberts). Adapted from the Jonathan Evison novel by writer-director Rob Burnett, it also stars Selena Gomez, Jennifer Ehle, and Bobby Cannavale. It was picked up after its Sundance debut and premieres […]

Taylor Schilling in the Netflix original series 'Orange is the New Black: Season 4'

What to watch: Season Four of ‘Orange’ and China’s box office monster

The fourth season of the Netflix signature original series Orange is the New Black brings new inmates (including Blair Brown as a Martha Stewart-like lifestyle mogul) and who new squadron of high-security guards to join Piper (Taylor Schilling), Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba), Red (Kate Mulgrew), Alex (Laura Prepon), Poussey (Samira Wiley), the inmate formerly known […]