Watch This! ‘Iron Fist’ – The final Defender comes to Netflix in March

Finn Jones is 'Iron Fist' in the Netflix Original Series

The first full trailer for Iron Fist, the fourth Marvel Comics series in the Netflix Defenders Initiative, dropped today.

Finn Jones plays Danny Rand, survivor of an “accident” that killed his father, a powerful corporate player, and mother, who returns to reclaim his birthright after ten years in the East studying the secrets of martial Arts.

There’s not a lot of detail in the trailer, of course, but Rosario Dawson is back as Claire Temple, who so far is the only character to cross through each of the Neflix MCU shows, and it looks like Danny and his iron fist will be taking on The Hand, the shadowy Ninja group last seen in Daredevil.

The series was developed for Netflix by show-runners Scott Buck (a veteran of Dexter and Six Feet Under) and Scott Reynolds (a producer on Jessica Jones) and director John Dahl (of the cult films Red Rock West and The Last Seduction) helms the first couple of episodes.

The complete 13-episode first season arrives on Netflix on Friday, March 17 but you can add it to your list now. Netflix will be happy to E-mail you a reminder when the show laulnches.

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