‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ – third time’s the charm on Max and Hulu

George Cooney and Brad Pitt reunite to old gang for one more romp in Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), third film in Steven Soderberg’s jaunty heist franchise. This time they’re out to avenge group mentor Reuben (Elliott Gould), who has been cheated by international casino kingpin (Al Pacino, playing the financial shark with teeth bared).

While Reuben recovers from a heart attack, the gang puts an absurdly elaborate plan into motion, even roping in their nemesis from the first film, Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), for further financing. Did I mention this plot involves digging under the casino with the same giant underground drill that dug the channel tunnel in Europe? Junior colleague Linus (Matt Dillon) dons a jutting proboscis (“The nose plays, I tell you!”) to seduce Pacino’s gal Friday Ellen Barkin, and the Malloy brothers (Casey Affleck and Scott Caan) foment a worker’s strike in a dice factory in Mexico when they’re supposed to be rigging the dice headed for Pacino’s grand opening.

Yes, this revenge play is another Vegas party scheme, and the girls are left at home (“It’s not their fight”) so the boys can have far too much fun doing that thing they do so well. Bernie Mac, Don Cheadle, Eddie Jemison, Shaobo Qin, and Carl Reiner all get their moment to shine and Eddie Izzard makes an appearance. It’s all very silly and overdone, but they pull it off thanks to the effervescent rapport between Clooney and Pitt, the snappy delivery of the entire cast, and the smooth sheen of Soderberg’s brisk direction.

It’s completes the caper trilogy begun in Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and continued in Ocean’s Twelve (2004).

Rated PG-13

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Ocean’s Thirteen [Blu-ray]
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Ocean’s Trilogy (Ocean’s Eleven / Ocean’s Twelve / Ocean’s Thirteen) [Blu-ray]
Ocean’s Trilogy (Ocean’s Eleven / Ocean’s Twelve / Ocean’s Thirteen) [DVD]

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