More Americans get their entertainment through Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and other streaming services than through cable and satellite combined. Streaming video is the primary way that your readers watch TV and see movies at home.

The weekly syndicated column Stream On Demand is designed specifically for the needs of newspapers.

Stream On Demand sifts through the various streaming and video-on-demand services, from Netflix and Amazon Prime to specialty services and free streams to Cable On Demand, to present the best of what’s new and exciting each week. It is:

  • compact – 400 words, designed for maximum information in a small footprint
  • edited – arranged by service, with ratings, copy-edited
  • current – every listing is available to readers as of publication date
  • full-service – accompanied by artwork and formatted with versions for print and for the web, with embedded links and embeddable YouTube trailers for select listings
  • inclusive – in addition to streaming, it lists new DVD releases and Redbox options

We curate the tops picks for family, kid, and grown-up viewing options, and deliver it in a ready-to-publish format.

Stream On Demand currently runs in such major daily papers as The Seattle Times and The Oregonian.

Add your paper to the Stream On Demand family and make turn it into the essential home entertainment guide for your readers.

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