What to stream: ‘Quantico’ and ‘American Crime’ on Netflix, plus new on VOD, Amazon, Hulu, and more

Brian J. Smith, Johanna Braddy, Yasmine Al Massri, and Priyanka Chopra in "Quantico."

The debut seasons of the hit action conspiracy series Quantico, starring Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra as an FBI recruit, and the provocative American Crime, created by John Ridley and starring Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, and Regina King, are new to Netflix.

The timing couldn’t be better. We’re in that odd trough between the end of the original summer shows and the launch of the new fall season and, with Quantico returning for its second at the end of September, it gives you plenty of time to catch up or revisit before the new episodes.

American Crime (not to be confused with American Crime Story) is a little different, an anthology series with a regular acting company taking new roles in a different story each season, so there’s nothing to catch up on except an acclaimed show that you may have missed the first time around.

Queue ’em up! Quantico and American Crime

Pay-Per-View / Video-On-Demand

The Nice Guys is throwback to seventies action films and buddy comedies with Russell Crowe as a tough guy for hire and Ryan Gosling as a soused private detective searching for a kidnapped girl. Rated R. Also on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War, the Snow White sequel without Snow White, sends Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, and Jessica Chastain into battle. In PG-13 and unrated extended versions. Also on DVD and Blu-ray.

The biographical drama The Man Who Knew Infinity stars Dev Patel as real-life visionary mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and Jeremy Irons as his mentor. PG-13. Also on DVD and Blu-ray.

Also new: the comedy Maggie’s Plan with Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke, the animated Ratchet & Clank (PG), and the documentary Dark Horse (PG).

Available same day as select theaters nationwide are the thrillers Blood Father with Mel Gibson (R) and The Sea of Trees with Matthew McConaughey and Naomi Watts (PG-13), the relationship comedy The Intervention with Melanie Lynskey and Cobie Smulders (R), and the Norwegian action comedy In Order of Disappearance with Stellan Skarsgard and Bruno Ganz (not rated, with subtitles).


The Netflix original movie XOXO (2016), a millennial romance set at a music festival, stars Sarah Hyland of Modern Family and Graham Phillips of The Good Wife (not rated).

In The Road (2009), based on the end-of-the-world novel by Cormac McCarthy, Viggo Mortensen protects his son after the end of the civilization. Robert Duvall and Charlize Theron co-star. R.

Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013) is the story of two young women in love. The French drama earned an NC-17 rating for its graphic scenes, but it is an intimate and sensitive drama about love, fear, and identity. With subtitles. Reviewed on Stream On Demand here.

From Argentina comes the award-winning dark drama Abzurdah (2015), based on the autobiographical novel by Cielo Latin, and the horror film Necrofobia (2014). Both unrated and in Spanish with English subtitles.

Streaming TV: you can catch up on the procedurals NCIS: Season 13 and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season 17 and the modern fantasy Once Upon a Time: Season 5 before the new seasons begin.

Kid stuff: new seasons of the animated shows Dawn of the Croods: Season 2 and Glitter Force: Season 2.

Standup comedy: Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been Thinking… is a Netflix Original production and the 2015 special Maz Jobrani: I’m Not a Terrorist, But I’ve Played One on TV arrives from Showtime.

Amazon Instant Prime

Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey are Elvis & Nixon (2016) in the fictional story of their real-life meeting (R).

Also new: Melancholia (2011), a drama of depression, love, and the end of the world with Kirsten Dunst (R), the thriller The Hunter (2012) with Willem Dafoe (R), and the American indie revenge drama Blue Ruin (2013) (R).

The Kicks, a teens-and-tweens drama about a soccer-playing girl adjusting to a new school and a new team, launches its first season.

House of Lies: Season 4 and 5 brings the satirical Showtime series up to date on Amazon Prime.


O.J.: Made in America is a documentary mini-series on the arrest and trial of O.J. Simpson and its reverberations through the culture.

King Georges profiles French chef Georges Perrier as he tries to save his world-renowned restaurant Le Bec-Fin in Philadelphia. Not rated.


The Danish Girl (2015) earned an Oscar for Alicia Vikander as painter Gerda Wegener and a nomination for Eddie Redmayne as Einar Wegener, who underwent experimental sex reassignment surgery in 1930s Denmark (R).

Point Break (2015) is a pointless remake of the nineties action film about a gang of extreme sports adrenaline junkies who rob banks for kicks (PG-13).l

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Sean Axmaker is a Seattle film critic and writer. He writes the weekly newspaper column Stream On Demand and the companion website, and his work appears at RogerEbert.com, Turner Classic Movies online, The Film Noir Foundation, and Parallax View.