What to stream: B.J. Novak’s ‘Vengeance’ on Peacock, ‘The Last Duel’ on Hulu, ‘The Outfit’ and ‘Dog’ on Prime Video

Plus horror remake ‘Goodnight Mommy’ on Prime Video ‘Do Revenge’ and ‘Driftiing Home’ on Netflix, ‘Monarch’ begins on Hulu, ‘The Serpent Queen’ on Starz, ‘Neptune Frost’ on Criterion Channel.

What to stream: ‘The Sandman’ awakens on Netflix, ‘Thirteen Lives’ and ‘Licorice Pizza’ on Prime, ‘Prey’ on Hulu

Plus Oscar winner ‘Belfast’ on HBO Max, animated films ‘Luck’ on Apple TV+ and ‘Lightyear’ on Disney+, classics ‘Gaslight’ and ‘Out of the Past’ on HBO Max, and ‘Paradise Highway’ on VOD

What to stream: ‘Chloe’ on Prime Video, ‘Loot’ on Apple TV+, ‘The Bear’ on Hulu, ‘Man Vs. Bee’ on Netflix

Plus ‘The Man From Toronto’ and ‘Sing 2’ and more ‘Umbrella Academy’ on Netflix, a new ‘Beavis and Butthead’ movie on Paramount+, ‘Wildwood’ on Hulu and more.

What to stream: ‘No Time to Die’ on Prime Video, ‘The Northman’ on Peacock and VOD, ‘The Card Counter’ and ‘Irma Vep’ on HBO Max, ‘Ms. Marvel’ on Disney+

Plus the final season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Hustle’ on Netflix, ‘The Janes’ on HBO Max, a new ‘Queer as Folk’ on Peacock, and ‘100 Years of Judy Garland’ on Criterion Channel

What to stream: ‘Fire Island’ and ‘Pistol’ on Hulu, a new ‘Fantastic Beasts’ on HBO Max, ‘Ambulance’ on Peacock, ‘Sonic 2’ on Paramount+

Plus ‘The Boys’ are back on Prime Video, ‘Borgen – Power and Glory’ on Netflix, ‘This is Going to Hurt’ on AMC+, ‘The Orville’ returns on Hulu, and Pride Month features and shorts on Criterion Channel