What to stream: ‘Chloe’ on Prime Video, ‘Loot’ on Apple TV+, ‘The Bear’ on Hulu, ‘Man Vs. Bee’ on Netflix

Plus ‘The Man From Toronto’ and ‘Sing 2’ and more ‘Umbrella Academy’ on Netflix, a new ‘Beavis and Butthead’ movie on Paramount+, ‘Wildwood’ on Hulu and more.

What to stream: ‘No Time to Die’ on Prime Video, ‘The Northman’ on Peacock and VOD, ‘The Card Counter’ and ‘Irma Vep’ on HBO Max, ‘Ms. Marvel’ on Disney+

Plus the final season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Hustle’ on Netflix, ‘The Janes’ on HBO Max, a new ‘Queer as Folk’ on Peacock, and ‘100 Years of Judy Garland’ on Criterion Channel

What to stream: ‘Fire Island’ and ‘Pistol’ on Hulu, a new ‘Fantastic Beasts’ on HBO Max, ‘Ambulance’ on Peacock, ‘Sonic 2’ on Paramount+

Plus ‘The Boys’ are back on Prime Video, ‘Borgen – Power and Glory’ on Netflix, ‘This is Going to Hurt’ on AMC+, ‘The Orville’ returns on Hulu, and Pride Month features and shorts on Criterion Channel

What to stream: ‘Life & Beth’ and ‘Deep Water’ on Hulu, ‘WeCrashed’ on Apple TV+, ‘Master’ on Prime Video

Plus ‘Minx’ and ‘DMZ’ on HBO Max, ‘Human Resources’ and ‘Windfall’ on Netflix, ‘Bad Luck Banging’ on Hulu, and 35 Foreign Language Oscar Winners on Criterion Collection