Matt Damon is 'The Martian' in the science fiction drama directed by Ridley Scott

Coming and Going on HBO Now in June 2016

HBO launches Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, their new weekly talk show about all things sports, in June. Among the new films that arrive each Saturday night are the science fiction rescue drama The Martian with Matt Damon, the real-life survival drama Everest with Jake Gyllenhaal, and the sequels Ted 2 and Maze Runner: […]

Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington in 'Training Day,' directed by Antoine Fuqua

What to watch: ‘Training Day’ and more on Netflix, Amazon, and VOD

Training Day (2001) earned Denzel Washington an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance as a corrupt narcotics cop. In part it’s because he’s playing against type: Denzel earned his reputation as Hollywood’s bedrock of decency and morality: his screen heroes fight fear, prejudice, and self-doubt for their goodness. Detective Alonzo Harris proved that the […]