Jeremy Piven is Mr Selfridge in the BBC series that shows on the PBS showcase Masterpiece in the U.S.

‘Mr Selfridge: The Fourth and Final Season’ on Amazon Prime

Mr Selfridge: The Fourth and Final Season of the PBS drama of an American department store magnate in London, jumps ahead eight years. Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven), dubbed “The Earl of Oxford Street” by the press, is living the high life, spending lavishly on the American showgirls The Dolly Sisters (whose flamboyant escapades invariably end […]

Jeremy Piven stars in the British series 'Mr Selfridge'

‘Mr Selfridge: Season 3’ on Amazon Prime Video

Mr Selfridge: Season 3, continues with the story of Harry Gordon Selfridge (Jeremy Piven), an American department store entrepreneur and marketing pioneer in London whose populist approach is a refreshing change from British restraint and conservatism. Opening with the end of World War I and the funeral of Harry’s wife, this season focuses on his […]