‘Bicycle Thieves’ – an Italian odyssey on Max and Criterion Channel

Vittorio De Sica directs this classic of life on the streets on Italy in the devastating depression after World War II. It placed in the number 41 spot in the 2022 Sight & Sound Greatest Films of All Time poll.

Franco Nero stars in 'Man, Pride and Vengeance,' a spaghetti western based on 'Carmen' co-starring Tina Aumont and Klaus Kinski

‘Man, Pride and Vengeance’ – ‘Carmen’ as spaghetti western on Amazon Prime Video

Man, Pride and Vengeance (Italy, 1967) – There were hundreds of spaghetti westerns produced by Italian studios in the sixties and early seventies. Only a small percentage of them were particularly good, and fewer still genuinely great. You’d think we’d be running out of discoveries by now but Man, Pride and Vengeance (1967), from director […]